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About Freedom Aussies

We raise our Aussies on a family farm in Southcentral Oklahoma. Becky I, our pet for ten years, convined us that Australian Shepherds was the right breed for our family. It is our goal to raise high quality dogs that retain the full characterisics of the breed. Click for more.

Featured dog: We were very glad to own Becky II. Becky is a precious dog that is full of energy and a great family dog. She has an excellent bloodline and has been the proud mother of some beautiful puppies. Click to see more. Below is her picture taken this spring.

Upcoming Litters

Check out our latest Dixie and Scottie litter!

Click here for current puppies!

We have four females puppies in this litter and we own both of the parents. You can find Dixie and Scottie pictured on the Our Dogs page.

Below is a picture of some of Becky's previous puppies.

Click here for more past puppy pics


Puppy 2

Past puppy


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