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Do you ever have trouble keeping your children interested in learning history?

Here at Freedom's Heritage we feel that the main problem with children's dislike of history is the traditional approach in teaching history. While some children that really love history may learn fine from textbooks, many children get lost in the volumes of dates, places and seemingly empty and disjointed facts. That is why we offer a story based approach to learning history that helps make history come alive. From our experience, here are three steps to an inspiring approach to teaching history.

1. Read the stories of real Christian heroes from the past.

2. Study together as a family.

3. Reenact, Relive and Rediscover to make history come alive.

There are many benefits to reading stories of the past with your children. One of the exciting benefits is that children will be able to hear and comprehend real stories of real heroes instead of a fictionalized "historical" characters. Carefully chosen historical fiction that doesn't change or add to real characters or events, inspire and encourage interest in learning more. More importantly they will be able to hear about and emulate the character you share with them from the lives of men and women of the past. Finally, the time your family spends learning together only increases their desire to learn more.

All of the history books we carry at Freedom's Heritage have been either tried and true family favorites or recently previewed by a member of our family, because we are dedicated to carrying only the very best books. To learn more about us Click Here.

Freedom's Heritage E-blast Special

Save 30% with our Thanksgiving E-blast special.

This set includes:

Of Plymouth Plantation by William Bradford

This book will fill you with gratefulness and awe over the pilgrims’ dedication to raising mighty seed for Christ and sacrifice their lives even though they might only be but stepping stones for future generations of Christians they would never meet. This book is a must read for every grateful American.

To Have and to Hold by Mary Johnston

To Have and to Hold brings to life the exciting beginnings of America, weaving a story of adventure, intrigue and romance with providence and perseverance in colonial Jamestown.

The Providential Nexus Between Jamestown and Plymouth (DVD)

In this illuminating message, Dr. Paul Jehle clarifies many misconceptions and demonstrates that while Jamestown and Plymouth had real differences, each had vital strengths that the other needed — and that, over time, God would providentially weave together these elements to form the greatest nation in the West.

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Happy Thanksgiving! From Freedom's Heritage